We returned to Montreal just on time to participate in the Mile End neighbourhood project organised by Trixie Dumont for children to have access to public cultural space. This experience gave the children the feeling of having contributed their point of view on their world in a meaningful way. During each session, children and adults gathered together to practise a new art technique and the pieces of art from all the sessions formed the exhibit �My Neighbourhood, My Museum�, shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal from June 23rd to September 15th 2007.

Some of the participants (Ljub,a 8 years old is in the long, violet, knit by me dress, first row, far right)

Ljuba pointing to her poetic paper dye technique painting, which she titled:

The Dark World of Radiant Cats

The Dark World of Radiant Cats by Ljuba Miltsova

Silhouette of a Cat in a Dress

Dye Technique:
Layla’s Dreaming Cat on Window sill (on top left corner)
Ljuba’s Skunks in the City (second from left, top row)
Layla’s Racoons in our Backyard (second from top left corner)

Skunks in the City by Ljuba Miltsova

Person with Club by Ljuba Miltsova

Technique: Mosaic and Collage

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