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  3. primitive, - Written by Joey Coverson April 28, 2008 � 2008 From Western ideologychildren deserve an apology,Just because my chronology Is not up to the level of Your epistemology,i am a primitive, Not a Definitive Citizen?Westerners criticizeOther countries that are little, where littleboys and girls Are not treated like pearlsInside a clam,Germinating, waiting,Waiting�Waiting for the day When they [...]
  4. Seven - The White Bird of Peace Fled Far AwayFires of war burnEverywhere in the worldThe White Bird of PeaceHas fled far awayWhy torture the mothersBy taking their sons to the land of death?Why have mothers, who gave love and care,Been made to cry by torturing their sons to death?Pearl-like little brothersNow we little ones are lostThe [...]
  5. Father - Father Christmas comes to Montreal and speaks 4 languages.
  6. Indian - Dance and language seem to be among the oldest of organised forms of communication of living beings among themselves and with the divine cosmos. Since our human knowledge is limited to what we can decipher and construct, we can only imagine the �beginnings� of dance and its meaning to people. We construe our history based [...]
  7. My neighbourhood my museum: an exhibit at the museum of fine arts (Montreal) part 2 - Groundhogs?????Print ink on paperLjuba MiltsovaGroundhogsPrint ink on paperLjuba MiltsovaGlass print with ink technique Cat ponderingby Layla AbdelRahimCatby Ljuba Miltsovaaquarel pencil on paperHuskyby Ljuba Miltsovaguache on paperSelf portraitLjuba MiltsovaGuache on canvasSelf portraitsSelf portraitTallulah LewisGuache on canvasSelf portraitLayla AbdelRahimoil pastel on black paperportraitsLook-alikeLife SculptureLjuba and AnjaCulture in MuseumSculpting FoilShadow play at the MuseumLjuba in the background and [...]
  8. My neighbourhood my museum: an exhibit at the museum of fine arts (Montreal) part 1 - We returned to Montreal just on time to participate in the Mile End neighbourhood project organised by Trixie Dumont for children to have access to public cultural space. This experience gave the children the feeling of having contributed their point of view on their world in a meaningful way. During each session, children and adults [...]
  9. unSchooling -   I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means — except by getting off his back. Leo Tolstoy in What Then Must We Do? Tolstoy’s observation exposes [...]
  10. Introduction - This space belongs to matters of learning. I cannot stop getting surprised at how many people need an explanation as to why learning really matters. I mean real learning, not in the sense of being dumbed down in order to get an �education� in order to be able to cope with being bullied at work. [...]

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